2B-Community is an impact venture capital fund that invests in high growth, mission-driven businesses. 2B-Community was founded in 2016 by Yoel Cheshin (Chairman and Anchor LP) and Shahar Botzer (Managing Partner), who were later joined by Eli Arkin and Judith Adler. At 2B-Community, we take a lead role in building early-stage companies, helping them establish robust scalable business models and position themselves for future funding. We invest in strong leadership teams and empower them to build conscious organizations with a clear impact purpose. 

With $10M under management, 2B-Community has made eight pre-seed and seed investments

covering three overall themes:



As Israelis, we find great meaning in promoting positive impact on Israeli society and its diverse populations. Despite its small size, Israel faces a broad range of challenges – demographic, geographic, social, and environmental making it a microcosm of many global issues. Thus, within Israel we create solutions that impact the country but have potential to scale globally. 



Work and employment, as we know them, are facing disruption and we will see a significant transformation over the coming decades. Recent analyses peg globalization and technological innovations, such as automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous systems, as the main triggers driving transformation to take place. 2B-Community invests in companies that support people and organizations to tackle today’s challenges through education and inclusive employment to prepare for the future. 



2B-Community believes that communities hold the power to drive profitable business models and catalyze social progress. We aim to promote fundamental freedoms and equal opportunity by building cohesive consumer and business communities that strengthen the sense of identity of their members; use their collective economic power to meet their needs; and act as a platform for their members to promote mutual social values. 

2B-Community is a leader and plays a key role in building Israel’s emerging impact ecosystem. Our fund further aims to accelerate this industry by actively participating in global impact networks, such as TONIIC, Nexus, and the Jewish Funders Network (JFN).

In 2018, our fund established 2B-Hub, a coworking space in South Tel Aviv that serves as the central home for Israel’s impact community. 2B-Hub offers offices and event space to members of the community to engage, learn, and collaborate around social impact. The management team coordinates activities for office tenants, members of the impact community, and the local residents in its underserved neighborhood of Tel Aviv. 2B-Hub hosts approximately 100 impact events a year and offers mentorship opportunities for members of the office and impact ecosystem to bring impact-makers together and accelerate the impact community.

2B-Community is a part of 2B-Group, which also includes 2B-Angels, a venture fund investing in high-growth technology companies, and 2B-Friendly, an NGO dedicated to improving society through social and environmental consumerism.